Family and Borghesia by Natalia Ginzburg

Family and Borghesia by Natalia Ginzburg
epub | 637.62 KB | English | Isbn:B089S64YBK | Author: Natalia Ginzburg | Year: 1977


Two novellas about friendship, romance, and family by one of the finest Italian writers of the twentieth century.
Carmine, an architect, and Ida, a translator, lived together once, long ago, and even had a child, but the child died, and their relationship fell apart, and Carmine married Ninetta, and their child is Dodo, who Carmine feels is a little dull, and these days Carmine is still spending every evening with Ida, but about that Ninetta has nothing to say. Family, the first of these two novellas from the 1970s, is an examination, at first comic, progressively dark, about how time passes and life goes on and people circle round the opportunities they had but missed, missing more as they do, until finally time is up. Borghesia, about a widow who keeps acquiring and losing the Siamese cats she hopes will keep her company in her loneliness, explores similar ground, along with the confusions of feeling and domestic life that came with the loosening social…

Category:Literary Short Stories, Women’s Short Stories, Women’s Divorce Fiction