False Woods by Justin Herzog

False Woods by Justin Herzog
epub | 334.28 KB | English | Isbn:B091GN727N | Author: Justin Herzog | PAge: 340 | Year: 2021


Once upon a time, I got lost. Really lost. No longer in this realm kind of lost

Goldilocks, better known as Gwendolyn Lache, is all grown up and working for the US Forest Service. The newest member of the agency, she spends her days patrolling The Divide, guarding the bridgepoints that separate our world from The Land and the descendants of the Native American tribesmen who reside there.

Her latest case has her investigating the murder of a young woman, a daughter of the Thunder Song Tribe, killed on our side of the forest. The chiefs want answers, not to mention her boss, and Gwendolyn means to find them, preferably before the tribesman declare the Cabot Accords void and cross The Divide themselves.

When the evidence names her oldest friend as the murderer, she finds herself in a race against time, searching to find the truth and catch a killer whose murderous actions could set the whole forest ablaze and see her burned along with it.

If you love Seanan Mcguire, Judith Berens, Martha Carr, Jim Butcher, BR Kingsolver, and Patricia Briggs then you will devour this series. Scroll up and one-click to start your wild wilderness adventure today!

False Woods is the 1st book of 9 in the Forest Wardens Series, a kickass urban fantasy series containing intense action, fast-paced dialogue, snarky humor, wonderful mythical creatures, a unique and compelling setting, and a touch of soft romance.

Category:Humorous Dark Comedy, New Adult & College Fantasy, Occult Horror