Exploring the Spiritual in Popular Music - Beatified Beats

Exploring the Spiritual in Popular Music – Beatified Beats
pdf | 1.86 MB | English | Isbn:B08SQWVH42 | Author: Gregory, Georgina; Dines, Mike; | PAge: 265 | Year: 2021


This book highlights how the diverse nature of spiritual practices are experienced and manifest through the medium of popular music.

At first glance, chapters on Krishnacore, the Rave Church phenomenon and post-punk repertoire of Psychic TV may appear to have little in common; however, this book draws attention to some of the similarities of the nuances of spiritual expression that underpin the lived experience of popular music. As an interdisciplinary volume, the extensive introduction unpacks and clarifies terminology relating to the study of religion and popular music.

The cross-disciplinary approach of the book makes it accessible and appealing to scholars of religious studies, cultural studies, popular music studies and theology. Unlike existing collections dealing with popular music and religion that focus on a specific genre, this innovative book offers a range of music and case studies, with chapters written by international contributors.