EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - 7 Books in 1 - Improve Your Life, Your Relationships and ...

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – 7 Books in 1 – Improve your Life, your Relationships and Work Success
epub | 294.41 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B083P6LJLN | Author: Jason Smith | Year: 2020


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Emotional intelligence is an aspect of intelligence linked to the ability to consciously recognize, use, understand and manage one’s own and others’ emotions. Emotional intelligence was first introduced in 1990 by professors Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer in their article "Emotional Intelligence".
Emotional competence is the set of practical skills necessary for the individual’s self-effectiveness in social transactions that elicit emotions.

This kind of intelligence is defined as the ability to monitor one’s own feelings and those of the others in order to achieve specific goals.

The five fundamental characteristics of emotional intelligence are:
1. Self-awareness, the ability to produce results
2. Self-control, the ability to use one’s feelings for a purpose
3. Motivation, the ability to discover the true and deep motive that drives action
4. Empathy, the ability to understand it the mood of the others, perceiving emotions, thoughts, ways of being.
5. Social skills, the ability to stay together with other people trying to interpret their movements and their actions.
You will learn all this and much more within this book, and it will help you realize all your projects and understand that nothing is impossible!
It will be an explosion of information that will lead you to succeed in every situation of your life.

But it doesn’t end here! Here is the list of topics that will complete your training at 360°








This book is absolutely suitable for people who are just moving forward this world on emotional intelligence; moreover, it has been simplified to be understood by every type of person.

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