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DryLab System is a missing link in a dry printing revolution. Essentially, it is a software-based solution that allows you to work with any printer like on a professional DryLab but for a fraction of its price. DLS is available in 4 versions covering different needs. The most advanced combines your local and network printers together as a single, multi-format and speed accelerated machine.

Why DLS?
Designed for fast processing and printing a series of photos with minimal effort. Ideal to use in photo laboratories as well as studio’s shoots.
Seamless instant color corrections and limitless cropping on a single or a whole group of photos makes DLS a perfect everyday solution.
Built-in archive allows on change corrections and touch photos as many time as you need. All operations are performed without image quality degradation and without modifying the original file.

DryLab System is equipped with a number of features that help you go through the processing of a group of photos in a quick manner. Meet the most important of them.
Instant color corrections: Y, M, C, D as well as Saturation, Gamma, Contrast, Sharpness and Levels.
Stepless cropping and crop rotation.
Brightness and contrast automatic corrections. Optional Color Science I2E advanced plugin.
Customizable border, free image sizing and positioning on a page. Colored background.
Multiple printing modes: Bordless/bordered Single picture, Index Print, Timestamping.
Automatic orders’ archiving up to 1000 orders in non-destructive editing workflow.
Color Management workflow based on ICC profiles with print colors "soft proofing".
Precise printer alignment to compensate hardware margins and minimise crop differences.

Whats New:
[+] Added an option regarding the correction panel: "Panel always visible"
[+] Added a quick corrections option that allows you to switch between modes with the "*" sign on the keyboard
[+] Added a possibility to copy color corrections from photos with the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut
[+] Added 102 Silk and 102 Luster media for Fujifilm Frontier DE100 printer
[+] Added information about an identifier on the order bar
[+] Added an option to pause printing automatically when changing a current media in PrintProcessor
[+] Added a possibility to set number of copies in a manual mode (when connecting DryLab System with Mobile Photo Kiosk)
[+] Added a security in PrintProcessor to prevent a possibility of entering special characters when creating a new format
[+] Updated translations
[-] Removed a onitor calibration function
[-] Removed an automatic mode for orders received from Mobile Photo Kiosk
[!] Fixed a bug connected to not refreshing the order bar after changing to another format
[!] Fixed other minor bugs

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