Don ' t Bug Me - A Field Guide for Repelling the People Who Annoy You

Don ‘ t Bug Me – A Field Guide for Repelling the People Who Annoy You
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Picture sitting in front of a rustic cabin overlooking a shimmering lake. The sun begins to set, lighting the sky on fire. “It doesn’t get any better.” *smack* “.darn bugs!” Bugs, nuisance insects can ruin our day. The same is true when we go to work, the store, even our own home-eventually, our day will be disrupted by someone who bugs us. When we head for the great outdoors, we bring along bug repellent, but dealing with annoying, disruptive humans is tricky. Fortunately, Dr. James Bash has developed some surefire techniques for repelling annoying people and even spotting and swatting our own inner bugs.In Don’t Bug Me, Dr. Bash connects the irritating things people do with corresponding bug behaviors-chiggers are subtle insults, horseflies are bullies-providing an easy-to-remember and fun field guide to navigating the two-legged-bug infested jungle of human society. This guide helps us deal with irritating behaviors in productive ways. We discover how to:
• Walk away and let frustrations go
• Take a stand when called for
• Spot unhealthy behaviors early
• Cope with loved ones’ irritating behaviors
• Empathize without becoming codependent
• Avoid being a victim
• Develop a thick skin (healthy self-esteem) to deter pests
In the woods, we apply “bug dope” to keep the nasties at bay. Dr. Bash teaches us how to ward off irritating human behaviors and even helps us discover why we are susceptible to these behaviors in the first place. This guide can help us repel two-legged bugs and regain control of our lives.

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