Devoured by the Stormbrought  A - Maddie Syn

Devoured by the Stormbrought A – Maddie Syn
epub | 296.76 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09F6NKCBT | Author: Maddie Syn | Year: 2021


One Guardian. One rejected tribute. And a hidden passion.
I’ve been through enough. I already failed my trials as a tribute, and now I’m living among the servants beyond the walls of the palace. The last thing I need is another cocky Guardian striding into my life and trying to win me over.
My grandfather sent me to Ke’Thal to train. But he didn’t warn me that the sitting High Priest has dark secrets and dangerous allies. Just as I’m getting adjusted to my new surroundings, I meet a serving woman who makes me want to throw it all away.
But when I discover what the High Priest has been hiding from his followers, I have to choose between staying with my lover or leaving her to protect our home.
Devoured by the Stormbrought is a full-length sci-fi romance with a HEA.
In Maddie Syn’s latest series, Guardians of Re’Utu, you’ll meet devoted alien warriors, a High Priest with dark secrets, and the women who serve them all. There’s plenty of action and suspense, plus steamy romance in a totally new world.

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