Dark Memories Emerge by I  T  Lucas

Dark Memories Emerge by I T Lucas
epub | 466.89 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09HG18K6J | Author: I. T. Lucas | Year: 2021


The more clues emerge about Geraldine’s past, the more questions arise.
Did she have a twin sister who drowned?
Who is the mysterious benefactor in her hazy recollections?
Did he have anything to do with her becoming immortal?
Thankfully, she doesn’t have to find the answers alone.
Cassandra and Onegus are there for her, and so is Shai, the immortal who sets her body on fire.
As they work together to solve the mystery, the four of them stumble upon a millennia-old secret that could tip the balance of power between the clan and its enemies.

Category:Paranormal Angel Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance, Science Fiction Romance