Daddy's Sweet Princess LIttle  - Scott Wylder

Daddy’s Sweet Princess LIttle – Scott Wylder
epub | 165.88 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09P6S7RMH | Author: Scott Wylder | Year: 2022


He was her first experience with a Daddy. She was his chance for a forever little girl.

Vance is a mountain man.
He’s more than a mountain man because he’s a mountain of a man.
He’s the strongest man I’ve ever met.
He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever met.
And he’s a Daddy.
He’s a Daddy and I really want to try to be a little girl.
I want him.
I want him to take care of me.
And I want to please him.
I want Vance so badly it hurts!

I think Andi might be the most perfect girl I’ve ever met.
She’s beautiful.
She’s sexy as can be.
She’s also smart as a whip.
And she’s the sweetest girl.
She wants to be a little girl.
She wants a Daddy.
And she wants that Daddy to be me.
But I want more than a fling.
I want a forever little girl.
And that’s all I’m willing to accept.

Can Vance and Andi find their way to a happily ever after life? Vance’s microbrewery is right on the edge of giant success. Andi has just taken a new job as a distributor so they’ll need to work together. Can they do more than work? Can this little girl have the Daddy she longs for? Find out in Mountain Daddy’s Sweet Princess LIttle, the newest sexy tale in the always steamy and exciting Mountain Daddies series!

Category:90-Minute Romance Short Reads, New Adult & College Romance, Contemporary Romance