Cyber Security Gaint by Rachel Sebastian Purackal

Cyber Security Gaint by Rachel Sebastian Purackal
epub | 7.5 MB | English | Isbn:979-8742438083 | Author: Purackal, Rachel Sebastian | PAge: 334 | Year: 2021


In the time of network enhancements, cloud-based services are everywhere. Many love the cloud and its ease of access, while others hate it. Despite what feelings you may have about the cloud, it is important to understand how to protect the information you store there.
Tens of thousands of cyberattacks happen every day.
Palo Alto Networks is combatting the attacks with an innovative international cybersecurity organization that is used by over 70,000 businesses worldwide.
Companies such as 85 of the Fortune 100 choose to work with Palo Alto Networks because their cybersecurity infrastructure includes:

  • Network security
  • Server security
  • Endpoint defense
  • A range of cloud-delivered security services

    Using SASE cloud powered security you will be able to protect your cloud while having deep levels of insight into your network. Prisma Access eliminates the complexities of allocating resources and sizing firewalls while reducing coverage discrepancies and anomalies. The cloud-based security platform is innovative, ensuring the safety of your personal information.
    While this seems complicated, The Big Friendly Cyber Security Giant is a comprehensive guide that has been designed to walk you through everything from the fundamentals of cloud-based technology to how to secure your information once it is in the cloud.
    In the age of the internet, security is more important than ever. Why risk attacks on your personal information when you could use cloud-based security platforms?
    The Big Friendly Cybersecurity Giant is your introduction into the world of protecting your information.
    It is a must-read for anyone wishing to secure their cloud.

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