Complete  Punctuation: Novice To Pro
Complete Punctuation: Novice To Pro
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Instructor: Clare Lynch

Punctuation in the UK and the US: a comprehensive guide to all the punctuation marks

What you’ll learn

Punctuation confidence: correctly use commas, apostrophes, colons, semicolons, hyphens, dashes and more
Punctuation mastery: use punctuation at the level of a professional editor
Punctuation authority: talk authoritatively to colleagues and clients about any aspect of punctuation
Punctuation in the UK and US: know the differences


You should be able to read and write in English
You should have a desire to master punctuation at a professional level


Would you like to:

Understand punctuation to a professional level, with an understanding of all the major punctuation marks in English?
Use commas, colons, semicolons and other punctuation marks accurately, precisely and stylishly?
Master every aspect of English punctuation – to produce authoritative, error-free documents every time?
Talk knowledgeably about even the most intricate aspects of punctuation in English?
Gain clarity on the (often confusing) differences between UK and US punctuation?
Be the go-to expert on English punctuation in your place of work?
Punctuate with confidence so you can earn an income from professional writing, editing or proofreading?

If any of these apply to you, you need this comprehensive, professional-level punctuation course.

In this highly detailed punctuation course, you’ll learn how to master the intricacies of every major punctuation mark, including:

Full stops/periods
Brackets (both square and round)
Inverted commas/quotation marks
Question marks
Exclamation marks
Bullet points

If you’re looking for a superficial beginner’s guide to punctuation based on opinion rather than research, this is probably not the punctuation course for you.

However, if you want a professional-level punctuation course founded on extensive research into current usage, you’ll love this course.

Yes, the course covers the basics of English punctuation. But it also digs deep into the rules, principles and conventions of US and UK punctuation.

With Complete Punctuation: Novice To Pro you get a definitive guide to every aspect of English punctuation.

So this punctuation course is for you if you want to:

Make a living from writing, editing or proofreading
Access a life-time reference guide to punctuation that you can consult over and over again
Benefit from detailed explanation of the rules and conventions for punctuation best practice
Gain clarity on the (often confusing) differences between UK and US usage


With 65 lectures and at 3.5 hours long, Complete Punctuation: Novice To Pro offers a comprehensive guide to US and UK punctuation. The course also comes with a downloadable 60-page ebook, summarising the entire content of this punctuation course.

What’s more, as a professional copywriter, Dr Clare Lynch understands time is money. That’s why the most often used words in reviews of her courses are ‘clear’ and ‘concise’. So every lecture is punchy, pacey and packed with punctuation advice. Zero fluff. Zero padding. Zero repetition.

Just clear, concise well-researched content on the rules, principles and conventions of modern English punctuation.

And with Complete Punctuation: Novice To Pro, you won’t simply be bombarded with information about punctuation. You’ll also be encouraged to test and cement your understanding of all the principles taught. That’s why the course includes 24 quizzes and exercises – where you can put into practice everything you’ve learned about UK and US punctuation.


In this course, you’ll learn how to master best-practice for using all the major punctuation marks, including:

Punctuation: commas

How to use commas in lists, to join sentences and to bracket information
Should you use the Oxford comma or not?
The difference in comma usage between "which" and "that"
Understanding the difference between cumulative and co-ordinating adjectives – and the implications for comma use
How to use the "vocative" comma – in emails, for example

Punctuation: full stops/periods

Using full stops/periods to avoid one of the most common punctuation errors – the comma splice
Should you use full stops in titles, names and abbreviations?
Should you use one space or two after a full stop?

Punctuation: apostrophes

The two main uses of apostrophes – contraction and possession
Is it 100s or 100’s, 1000s or 1000’s?
How to use apostrophes correctly in names, places and dates
Apostrophes in abbreviations

Punctuation: hyphens

How to use hyphens correctly in compound modifiers (describing phrases)
How to avoid the most common hyphenation mistakes
How to use hyphens with prefixes and suffixes

Punctuation: colons, semicolons and dashes

How to use colons and semicolons accurately and appropriately
Avoid the most common mistakes people make with colons and semicolons
Correct use of dashes
The differences between hyphens, en-dashes and em-dashes

Punctuation: brackets

How to use round brackets correctly
How to use other punctuation in conjunction with brackets
Using square brackets to add editorial commentary to a text

Punctuation: inverted commas/quotation marks

How to use commas/quotation marks to quote direct speech
How to use commas/quotation marks with words and phrases
Scare quotes – a pitfall to be aware of
Typographical considerations: single or double, curly or straight?

Punctuation: question marks, exclamation marks and ellipses

When to use a question mark – and when not to
When to use an exclamation mark – and when not to
When and how to use ellipses

BONUS CONTENT: Punctuation of bullet points


Dr Clare Lynch has a PhD in English literature from the University of Cambridge, where she also now teaches writing skills. Earning her doctorate armed Clare with the advanced research skills she brings to this course.

As a result, Complete Punctuation: Novice to Pro is a definitive course founded on deep research into the rules, principles and conventions of current usage.

Clare is also a professional copywriter with 20+ years’ experience of helping big-name corporate clients get their messages across clearly, accurately, precisely and compellingly.

Clare is also a qualified and highly experienced corporate trainer and facilitator. So she’s been trained to communicate even the most complex, technical ideas in a way that’s clear, concise and memorable.

Who this course is for:

This comprehensive course will take you from beginner level to advanced professional
This course can be used as a reference guide to replace books on punctuation
This is a detailed course – it is not for people who want a quick-and-dirty guide to basic punctuation
Professional proofreaders will find this course an invaluable reference guide to punctuation

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