Chica, Why Not- by Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig

Chica, Why Not- by Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig
epub | 5.47 MB | English | Isbn:1401959733 | Author: Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig | PAge: 174 | Year: 2021


Written for Latinas by a Latina, this book is an invitation to overcome your familial and cultural expectations, fears, and limiting beliefs, while remaining true to yourself and your roots.
For those who feel stuck in life, who don’t see a way forward, who don’t believe they deserve to claim their dreams, Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig has one question: Chica, Why Not? With this book, she offers women the tools they need to accept that the life of their dreams is not only within reach, it is their right.
Sandra grew up in Mexico, where she experienced violence, frustration, and sadness as everyday settings. After unsuccessfully chasing happiness in a corporate career, she found deeper meaning in spirituality and now helps others to realize their dreams while still being true to themselves and their roots.
In this book, she guides you through her six-step program for manifesting the life you want, addressing career, family, love, wealth, and health. She gently…

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