Capsun ProAudio - Vibrant Lofi & Rainy Beats (WAV)
Capsun ProAudio – Vibrant Lofi & Rainy Beats (WAV) | 671 MB

Vibrant Lofi & Rainy Beats blends the magic of lo-fi sampling and dusty drum machines with raw acoustic instruments and dreamy melodics. Nostalgic instrumental hip-hop production fused with modern experimental synths, warm 808s, future vocals and fx layers. Open your laptop, mute your cartoons and make a beat as the raindrops hit the window.

Featuring a full stack of drum hits and loops packed with authentic grit, noise and unexpected unique characteristics. Includes solid kicks with hiss, 90’s era dry snares, essential hihats, complex percussive textures and live elements. Add in our rain foley layers, vinyl crackle, tape noise and atmospheric fx to create lofi foundations.

Vibrant Lofi & Rainy Beats takes in the emotive sounds of downtempo hip-hop and youtube lofi with melodics saturated in hiss, soul and classic character. We recorded acoustic guitars, vintage pianos and keys and fuzzy synths for that retro vibe. Discover subtle vocal cuts, chopped cuts and a toolkit of inspiring melodic one shots.

Designed to perfectly inspire and compliment Lofi Hip-Hop, Chill Hop, Future Beats, Downtempo Trap and Experimental Electronica.