Capsun ProAudio - Nightlight RnB & Hip-Hop (WAV)
Capsun ProAudio – Nightlight RnB & Hip-Hop (WAV) | 779 MB

Nightlight RnB & Hip-Hop invokes late night sonics with midnight soul. Blending soulful keys, hypnotic synth pads and blissed out guitar samples with a cutting edge, custom drum kit. Inspired by electronic rap, organic hip-hop and the deep melodics of trap soul. Created by CPA in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics.

Nightlight RnB & Hip-Hop comes stacked with new drum hits and loops created by Capsun. Sculpting live drum and perc sessions, found foley and drum synthesis with stacking, moulding and secret sound design sauce. This kit fuses modern trap hits with more vintage live and sampled elements including thick kicks, crispy 808 style snares, powerful rimshots cracks, lo-fi and trap style hi-hats, stacked claps and custom percussion.

Arthouse Acoustics are a collective of professional live musicians and sound creators. For this project they went deep writing original compositions, recording live guitars, bass, vintage keys and vocals and experimenting with creative processing from their studio in Brighton, UK. These acoustic and analogue recordings were chopped, processed and re-sampled to offer truly uniques textures, layers and melodic inspiration.

Every loop has been meticulously key-tagged and tempo-synced. Designed to perfectly inspire and compliment Trap Soul, Future RnB, Melodic Rap, Soulful Hip-Hop and Pop Beats.