Cadence SPB/OrCAD 17.40.009 Hotfix
Cadence SPB/OrCAD 17.40.009 Hotfix | 4.65 GB

Description: Updates for Cadence SPB / OrCAD17.40

Fixed CCRs: SPB 17.4 HF009

CCRID Product ProductLevel2 Title

2208947 ADW ADW_UPREV Message stating adw_uprev failed but design can be opened
2218343 ADW ADW_UPREV Error message (FM-107) when running adw_uprev to uprev release 17.2 designs to 17.4-2019
2242537 ADW ADW_UPREV Error message (FM-107) for adw_uprev failure when opening release 17.2 design in 17.4-2019 without migrating
2228166 ADW LRM FlowManager and LRM do license existence checks before checking out a license and this causes a performance problem
2268318 ADW MODEL_MANAGEM Not able to change key property to injected property in EDM schematic model classification
2296401 ADW PART_MANAGER Part line item comes in manual sync once part number is added on the instance
2255047 ADW SHOPINGCART Adding parts from shopping cart replaces NULL values with ‘CDS_NA’ causing Export Physical to fail
2227573 ADW TDA Licensing checks making DE-HDL launch and runtime performance poor with WAN-based license server
2281586 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE axlXSectionCreate() command is not working properly while defining ‘x_position’ for the g_option argument.
2279904 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFM Design True DFM Wizard crashing
2279237 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERFACES ‘File – Export – PDF’ does not export .pdf format correctly if output filename has ‘.’
2106202 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERFACE_DES Rats disappear when placing parts after moving the parts out of outline or far from original placement
2280208 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT Status shows Busy after selecting Place Interactive
2264528 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REFRESH Single via replace mode replacing all instances of selected padstack
2281639 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SCRIPTS Script does not change the color of some items in Color dialog
2284318 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS Allegro PCB Editor crashes when using SKILL function in release 17.4-2019
2290749 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS Button displays garbled text when customized for Chinese.
2307857 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS Carriage Return not returned from the form field of type STRFILLIN in release 17.4
2233441 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Release 17.4: For Chinese OS, Menu Height is large and OK button cannot be clicked as it is beyond screen
2277717 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Command line history command substitutes the present command
2277801 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Relative mode not indicated in status bar: Status indicator shows A for both Absolute and Relative
2282093 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Cannot see OK and Cancel or resize window after HotFix 007
2284657 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL “axlUIPrompt” SKILL function does not recognize two-byte Korean character in release 17.4-2019
2284874 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL GUI text and forms are zoomed in after installing HotFix 007 of release 17.4
2288992 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL The Super Filter list in the Status Bar pop-up does not follow the Application Mode setting
2290666 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Allegro PCB Editor stops responding for ‘Import – Logic/Netlist’ after installing release 17.4-2019, HotFix 007
2291252 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL axlUIPrompt displays unknown string.
2291677 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Window size in release 17.4, HotFix 007 prevents access to the OK button.
2293731 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL Allegro PCB Editor crashes when updating symbol with autosave variable set
2286688 ALLEGRO_LIB_CRT CORE Library Creator Error Object has no attribute in release 17.4-2019
2284127 APD DFA Dynamic Shape creates a very narrow gap within its own Shape.
2257143 CAPTURE LIBRARY The libraries added to Place>Part but missing part configuration library information not listed in INI after restart
2290805 CAPTURE LIBRARY The libraries added to Place>Part are missing
2283362 CAPTURE OTHER Localization of CIS icons menu in release 17.4-2019: Issues on changing menu character to Japanese
2285721 CAPTURE PCBFLOW Design operations become very slow with online DRC enabled in large designs
2217351 CAPTURE PROJECT_MANAG Release 17.4-2019 ‘Project manager’ button does not switch to PM tab in tabbed document view
2295601 CAPTURE PROJECT_MANAG Save icon does not save changes when PM window is floating.
2281559 CAPTURE STARTPAGE Cannot disable Capture Start page after HotFix 007
2281567 CAPTURE STARTPAGE Cannot disable Start page in release 17.4-2019, HotFix 007
2283395 CAPTURE STARTPAGE Cannot turn off Start page in Capture in release 17.4-2019 HotFix 007
2283458 CAPTURE STARTPAGE New Start page disable: Cannot turn off Start page
2285738 CAPTURE STARTPAGE Cannot disable Start page in release 17.4-2019, HotFix 007
2293361 CAPTURE STARTPAGE Cannot disable the Start page in Capture in release 17.4-2019, HotFix 007
2297246 CAPTURE STARTPAGE Cannot disable Start page in release 17.4-2019
2302056 CAPTURE STARTPAGE Cannot disable Start page in OrCAD Capture
2277754 CONCEPT_HDL CHECKPLUS CheckPlus library() predicate broken and causing a crash
2277547 CONSTRAINT_MGR ACC Differential pair nets are not grouped when creating a MatchGroup by ACC.
2300992 CONSTRAINT_MGR INTERACTIV Release 17.4: CM filtering for an ECset in the Referenced Electrical Constraint column takes a long time
2285732 CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER Purging all vias from CM via list causing crash
2298503 CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER PCB Editor crashes when purging vias
2262409 CONSTRAINT_MGR SCM Changing a Custom Property value in CM changes the RefDes
2302461 CONSTRAINT_MGR UI_FORMS Release 17.4 CM Remove References form: ‘Yes to All’ and ‘No to All’ act like ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, respectively
2180467 PSPICE AA_MC PSpice AA unable to ask for missing license
2235328 PSPICE AA_MC PSpice Advance Analysis gives license error (ORPSPAA-2111): Does not ask for missing license
2262992 PSPICE AA_MC Licensing break in release 17.4-2019 for PSpice Advance Analysis: License error though license is available
2271170 PSPICE AA_MC Product choice not displayed on running Advanced Analysis with OrCAD PCB Designer professional w/PSpice
2273633 PSPICE AA_MC PSpice AA unable to ask for missing license
2283338 PSPICE ENVIRONMENT Integrate PSpice localization related issues – translated Japanese menu
2273235 PSPICE LIBRARIES QVBICN model not working: Pin not found error
2306865 PSPICE LIBRARIES QVBICN model issue: Model and implementation pin mismatch and part moved to different library
2277851 PULSE LIVEBOM Bom CSV file has html tags when configuration has been saved
2273079 PULSE UNIFIED_SEARC Unified Search AML data shows MFG as undefined
2278441 PULSE UNIFIED_SEARC URL links are not active in the AML tabs displayed in Unified Search
2281108 PULSE UNIFIED_SEARC Make Datasheet URL Active in Unified Search – AML/ MFG PN Part row/ record
2282793 PULSE UNIFIED_SEARC Cannot log in with Cadence login because of “<” in password
2139998 SYSTEM_CAPTURE CAPTURE_IMPOR BOM utility fails with packaging error (SPCODD-412)
2292607 SYSTEM_CAPTURE DRC Old signals appearing as single node and unconnected net errors from DRC analysis
2222549 SYSTEM_CAPTURE PROPERTY_EDIT Pins numbers are overlapping with the symbol boundary
2242136 SYSTEM_CAPTURE PROPERTY_EDIT Pin numbers overlap symbol text
2290107 SYSTEM_CAPTURE PROPERTY_EDIT Pin numbers overlap bubble pin stubs
2251799 SYSTEM_CAPTURE UI PCB Editor opens with large DPI scaling when started from System Capture
2153206 SYSTEM_CAPTURE UNIFIED_SEARC Local worklib part not shown in Part Information Manager
2289181 SYS_RELIABILITY SCH_AUDIT Incorrect reporting of GND as power and Power as GND in the design audit
2289185 SYS_RELIABILITY SCH_AUDIT Reliability Module reporting net connected with no driver for net connected with pull up
2292486 TOPXP GUI Topology Explorer FFE Sweep: Cannot sweep TX FEE settings
2281577 TOPXP PARALLELBUS_A Voltage probe points in System SI: Inconsistent probe points display
2294958 TOPXP SWEEP_MANAGER TopXplorer stimulus pattern does not change in sweep

Year / Release Date: 07/08/2020
Version: SPB17.40 b009
Developer: Cadence
Developer website:
Bit depth: x64
Compatible with Win7: yes
Language: English
Crack: None
System requirements: Installed package Cadence SPB / OrCAD17.40 any build.

Cadence SPB/OrCAD 17.40.009 Hotfix