Bring Me Her Heart by Alexi Ferreira

Bring Me Her Heart by Alexi Ferreira
epub | 233.6 KB | English | Isbn:B08TMXMPJR | Author: Alexi Ferreira | PAge: 89 | Year: 2021


The men find a beautiful woman in trouble and everyone falls over themselves to help, the minute I see Rin I know that she is mine. As the VP for the Wicked Bad Boy Biker MC Montana Chapter, I am responsible for making sure that the club doesn’t get into something they can’t get out of, this is one of those situations, but Rin is too important for any of us to turn our backs on. Danger lurks in the shadows, and even though Rin is mine and under my protection, the whole Wicked Bad Boy Biker MC club will die to protect her, we are not prepared for the evilness that infiltrates our mists, but we will fight to our last breath.

Who would have known that such dangerous men could be so caring, so protective, especially Damon my biker prince. I am on the run, the MC have taken me in to keep me safe, to keep me from the darkness that threatens to consume me. Will my past find me and destroy the happiness that I have now found.

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