Boucher House by B C  Morgan

Boucher House by B C Morgan
epub | 506.58 KB | English | Isbn:B08X4THZ88 | Author: B C Morgan | PAge: 271 | Year: 2021


When I first came to the Boucher House I thought it would be simple. It was supposed to be easy; follow the rules, and take the meds they give you so you can become better.

But what if they’re not trying to cure us?

Everyday I feel like I’m changing more and more from the person I used to be. I’m not quite sure who I’ve become throughout the torturous treatments and sessions with Dr. Boucher and his staff. But whoever it is, I’m praying she’s strong enough to survive this hell.

If they really are out to get you, is it still paranoia? The problem is, everyday I feel as though I’m losing myself more and more. Boucher is stepping up his game and it’s hard to tell the difference between paranoia and the truth.

Is the darkness only within these walls, or is it seeping into my bones?

This is a why choose romance, where the fmc will have more than one love interest without having to choose. This is a dark, forced proximity romance. It touches on sensitive matters and scenes that may trigger some people.

Category:Social Psychology & Interactions, Psychological Fiction, Psychological Fiction