Big Bad Biker Daddy by Tara Tingle

Big Bad Biker Daddy by Tara Tingle
epub | 600.45 KB | English | Isbn:B092DX3MJW | Author: Tara Tingle | PAge: 291 | Year: 2021


The big, bad biker was the perfect daddy…
Until I learned his secret.

My name is Chester Matthews and I’ve had a very hard life.
I lost my parents at a young age. My father was killed in the line of duty. My mother died of a heart ailment a few years later, one which was exacerbated by the sorrow of her husband’s passing.
I was raised by my stepfather who had a mean temper and an even more violent pair of hands.
I grew up lonely and scared and full of self-doubts.
I was living a meaningless existence, resigned to the fact that I’d grow old and die as a mere shadow of the man I should’ve been.
I had nothing to live for… no dreams, no hope, no purpose.

Until I met him.

Nathan Jacoby was a member of the most feared motorcycle club who ruled over the town of Chastity like savage gods who imposed their will on their hapless flock. His reputation preceded him. He was supposed to be barbaric, ruthless and evil.

Or so I thought.

A series of events led us to one another, and I discovered that despite how strong he was, he remained tender to those who he cared for; that despite how merciless his ways were, he was dedicated to protect those close to his heart; that despite how wicked his lifestyle was, he never failed to show how important I was to him.

It was easy to fall in love with Nathan Jacoby.

He opened my eyes to a world of new wonders… a world where I could forget the troubles that plagued me by surrendering myself as a child worthy of his affection… a world where the simplest of fancies became sources of so much joy… a world where sucking on a binky was enough to give me all the reassurances I needed and where the soft feel of a diaper’s fabric always reminded me that I mattered.

Yes, it was easy to fall in love with him…
But it was even easier to accept him as my daddy…

He promised to take care of me forever… to provide for my needs for as long as he lived… to protect me from harm with his very life…

I believed him.

And, for the very first time in my life, I was happy.

Until I found out about what happened twenty years ago…
About that night when my father died…
About the reason why he was murdered…
About the identity of the person who killed him…

And I discovered that the greatest pain one can ever endure is in realizing that a daddy’s love is nothing but a lie.

BIG BAD BIKER DADDY is a 60,000 word MM DDLB Age Play Romance Novel. It is the first book in the Savage Doms MC series. This is a standalone story. You don’t have to read the other books to enjoy this one, but there is a main story arc that bridges all the tales together. This story contains daddy dom/little boy dynamics with ABDL elements. The romance between the protagonists will have an HFN ending. There’s no cheating. Possible triggers include: domestic abuse, physical and verbal child abuse, extreme violence, profanities and criminal activities carried out in an unapologetic manner. Strictly for readers 18 years old and above.

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