Bella Render GUI  (x64)
Bella Render GUI (x64) | 148.8 Mb

Bella is a spectral render engine which models the complexities of optical physics in ways that are both as correct as possible, and which are yet made intuitive and accessible.

Simplicity is a key focus of Bella. The Bella solvers have no obscure non-physical parameters, such that there is very little to learn, and very little trial and error involved in rendering any particular scene.

Interactive Progressive Rendering ( IPR )
Possibility to choose between different beauty solvers for production.
Interactive material preview
Spectral rendering
Automatic solver for caustics, from easy to difficult ones ( those seen through specular materials ).
Material model with a real layer simulation.
Thin sub-surface
Thin film interference
Spectral complex iors
Nested dielectrics
Smart materials
Thick and thin camera lenses
Optional polygonal aperture diaphragm, produces bokeh effect.
Bloom ( uniform and vertical smear )
Aperture diffraction
Grating filters for diffraction
Cooperative rendering
Resume rendering
High quality denoiser
Physical sun and atmospheric spectral model
Memory efficient instances
Procedural lights: area ( mesh, disk, sphere, cylinder ), point, spotlight, directional
Different textures types: reflectance, normal mapping, bumping, roughness, anisotropy, rotation anisotropy, thickness, layer opacity, material opacity, transmittance, scattering
Procedural geometry: disk, plane, sphere, cylinder
Render passes: beauty, albedo, alpha, material, normal, object, shadow, tangent, z
Region rendering
Blow up rendering
Shift lens
Optional vignetting
Node-based architecture
Color management (via OpenColorIO).
Bella CLI ( command line application )
Import several 3d files to Bella scene ( fbx, obj, 3ds, dae, stl ).

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 (64-bit only)

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