Beast Hunters by Dave Austin

Beast Hunters by Dave Austin
epub | 613.28 KB | English | Isbn:B093QWCLY9 | Author: Dave Austin | PAge: 292 | Year: 2021


James’ day has finally come: to slay the Reapers’ beasts, climb up the rankings, and conquer women and glory.

After spending three years in the Hunters Academy, he’s finally ready to join his fellow brothers in arms and to prove that his father’s suspicions about corruption within this organization were true, once and for all.

On his very first day, he ends up with the responsibility of slaying a wolf beast alongside two dazzling girls: the beautiful yellow-clad Fire-controller, Maggie, and the dark, metal-whip-cracking Goth, Kendra.

But when they confront the Reapers’ creature, they make a shocking discovery, one that can jeopardize the whole world and undermine their loyalty to the Hunters. There are beasts out of the ordinary, and their organization might be involved.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can James and his companions kill all the beasts and stay one step ahead of both the Reapers… and the Hunters?

Warning: Contains graphic violence, swear words, conspiracies, elements of harem/polyamory, and FM/FFM scenes.
If you don’t like any of these things, this book is not for you.

This book was previously published as Wild Shooter
It has been edited and proofread

Category:Steampunk Science Fiction, Cyberpunk Science Fiction, Cyberpunk Science Fiction