Autocom 2017.1 Multilingual  (For VMware)
Autocom 2017.1 Multilingual (For VMware) | 10.89 GB

An image of Windows XP by using VMWare Workstation to format vmdk on the basis of the assembly from the forum OBD2.SU c activate the program:
– Delphi 2017.1 Cars (activated on the serial number 100251)
– Delphi 2017.1 Trucks (activated on the serial number 100251)
– Wurth WOW! 4.15.3
– Wurth WOW! 5.00.8
This system was created with the support site oromotiv-forum – without them nothing would have happened!
Special thanks to the man with the nickname "robo"
It is not recommended to change the number of processor cores for this virtual machine, because It may fly off license.
If you do not start – remove the checkmark in the properties files "read-only"
At the start, can take off a warning about incompatibility – press "Yes"

ATTENTION! If the virtual machine does not start at all – you have incompatible hardware (tablet / laptop / PC) to emulate: the only solution – to take a different laptop
Extras. information:
Internet is disabled in the settings of the virtual machine!
If you want you can include in its sole discretion.
On the desktop, lie firmware for AutoCOM if you suddenly need,
there is "freeze time" runasdate (not used).
All criticisms and suggestions to throw me into the cart
If you are not satisfied with the distribution option NOTE:
obd2 on site there is a relevant theme with activation (!) software and additional buns

Version: 2017.1
System requirements:
– Windows, Linux, MacOS
– Intel or AMD 1.5 GHz or higher
– 1 GB OZU
– 15+ GB of free disk space
– USB port
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: cured

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