Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bassoon (KONTAKT)
Auddict Master Solo Woodwinds Bassoon (KONTAKT) | 6.95 GB

Samples Ultimate Woodwind library can fool even the most sensitive and trained ear.
40 GB impressive quality content – several layers legato in several dynamic layers, play music and the duration of any even monitor the level of the mechanical noise emanating from the tools.
After a lot of recording, production, relentless testing, re-testing and final improvement of the final result, we are very pleased to introduce to you a set of Master Solo Woodwinds, which contains carefully sampled solo flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet and bassoon for Kontakt.

What’s inside
– 14,1 GB (7,46 GB) Compressed
– 7 position of the microphone, setting sound overlapping film, so you can create your own sound to your taste. Individual table microphones can be used to simulate the division.
– Recorded at the world famous Cadogan Hall
– More than 14, 000 designs +
– Polyphonic
– Legato
– Portamento
– Tremolo
– Harmonics
– Trill
– Staccato
– Pizzicato
– Sautille
Due to the number of non-compressed wav files “On disk for 14 646 items”:
– All samples are compressed
– All samples are packed in containers
– Batch ReSave in 5.8.1

Publisher: Auddict
Website: Auddict
Version: 5.8.1 Full Version
Quality: 24-bit 48 kHz stereo