Artlantis 2020.2 macOS
Artlantis 2020.2 macOS | 3.61 GB

Abvent Artlantis Media – is a set of tools for creating photo-quality images based on 3D-models of various simulation software: ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, etc. The program provides a convenient and intuitive tools for changing textures, editing its properties, working with color and light sources.. As a result, the user can build high-quality photos, videos and presentation materials as quickly as possible.

The program allows you to create realistic images, assign and modify the optical properties of materials, set term, and sources of natural and artificial light to create scenes of virtual reality and edit motion path for the animated movies. Improved methods for Artlantis enrich the image effects of transparency, texture bump, reflection and refraction of light, atmospheric effects. Excellent quality at high speed, compactness and simplicity have made Artlantis Render the most popular application for users of ArchiCAD, create professional presentations for the design and decoration.
What’s new:
Artlantis 2020 – new features:
RAL Colours
Artlantis 2020 offers 243 coded by color and shade Ral Effect, RAL Design and RAL Classic, which are defining ink standards in the world of architecture and construction.
Denoiser tool
Reduce or even cancel the noise from the visualization, typically generated by a reflection of the shader. You want a bit of noise on your image? Choose to enable this option for you or not. Tool Denoiser analyzes image pixels and reduces noise.
3D Grass
Integrated Media catalog offers 4 new types of grass types and 6 updated 3D grass, supplemented by the new settings: adjust the color patches of grass, use the change in density – the amount is automatically calculated by zone. ”
Portals Portals: a new parameter optimization for lighting control in Artlantis. When using a low setting for a quick calculation of your renderings, this option improves the lighting of your indoor scenes and removes noise from the image.
Version: Artlantis 2020.2 v9.0.2.21736
Developer: Abvent
System requirements: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Language: Russian, English, German, French and others.
Tablet: K’ed by TNT