Altium NEXUS 4.1.1 (Hot Fix 1) Build 18
Altium NEXUS 4.1.1 (Hot Fix 1) Build 18 | 3.3 Gb
The Altium development team is pleased to announce the availability of Altium NEXUS 4.1.1 (Hot Fix 1) Build 18 – the most powerful, modern, easy-to-use release to date.

37746 Using the same Schematic document in multiple projects caused that Schematic document to be multiplied in the Projects panel. (BC:13281)
37979 Components and Nets sections were not displayed after Project Validation contained in the MultiBoard project.
38009 Harnesses nested by using a dot connection resulted in an invalid error message. (BC:13269)
38229 "Synchronize Sheet Entries and Port" option adds "repeat" string to port’s name in cases when repeat function was used in sheet entry.
38231 Using "$Component$ChannelAlpha" with more than 26 channels generated a non-alpha index. (BC:13423)
38732 Numeric interpretation of Color was inconsistent between the Properties panel and the Find Similar Objects dialog. (BC:13657)
39107 Dynamic Compilation did not detect changes of alternate parameters added from the Variant Manager. (BC:13784)
39276 Transparency of objects did not display properly in Print preview or in printed PDF.
41201 Pin Swapping did not work in the Schematic.
41520 Using the Zoom command in the SCHList panel fails to work.
42324 ECO incorrectly transferred parts with the same footprint and detected differences from each launch.
42327 The Parameters for Multipart Alternate Variants did not display in the generated PDF.
42387 When "Snap to Electrical Objects Hotspots" was disabled, dragging a part resulted in a lost connection.
42618 NoERC directive suppressed violations that should not be affected.
42758 An extra extension separator dot (".") is added when using Save As to save *.dft files.
42784 Setting Project Variants resulted in an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message.
42789 Copy (String, Index, Count) functions do not work if the Count value specifies more characters than are available.
42790 Copy functions – String, Index, and Count – did not work if the Index Value was greater than 1.
42793 When a schematic has been saved in binary 4.0 format, the schematic opens without any parts.
42796 In-place text editing resulted in a crash when the Enable Auto Pan option on the Schematic – Graphical Editing page of the Preferences dialog was disabled. (BC:12890)
42827 Placing a Harness connector on the Schematic sheet resulted in an error message. (BC:14880)
42941 Adding a SCHLIB file in the Library Splitter Wizard does not function.
42953 "Duplicates not allowed" error message popped up as a result of launching different commands in the Schematic.
42958 ECO incorrectly applied changes to Schematic documents after re-annotation instead of the existing annotation file.
42978 The user-defined parameters for Variants were not shown on the Schematic sheet.
43028 Alpha-Numeric Suffix options were incorrectly applied to single Parts.
43030 Crash occurred when attempting to place parts from the Database Library on the Schematic sheet.
43067 Parameter manager did not work with ‘Selected Objects Only’ selected in the Schematic Library document. (BC:14931)
43113 Smart Paste commands launched in Symbol Wizard dialog resulted in an error message. (BC:14974)
43149 The Schematic Default primitives from the Preferences dialog did not load. (BC:14886)
26366 Maximum zoom level was lower for PCB library documents and for PCB documents in 3D mode that are set to Perspective projection in the View Configuration panel. (BC:9409)
31695 The ‘BoardOutlineClearance’ rule disappears from the waived violations when the PCB is reopened. (BC:14162)
40476 The Component Rule Checks always point to the first footprint in the PcbLib file.
40910 The Unrouted Net violation was not detected for an unconnected pad.
41824 Width rule configured with Impedance Profile resulted in a false violation even when the actual width was equal to the target width. (BC:11506)
41866 Layers were configured incorrectly after placing components on the PCB. (BC:14245)
42184 Snap to Footprint Origin did not function properly in the Footprint Library editor.
42229 Selection in the PCB List panel did not work properly.
42590 Significant memory consumption resulted in a software delay when large designs were opened.
42819 "Unable to Save File" error message popped up as a result of editing/modifying objects in PCB document.
42857 It was not possible to add Snap Points on the 3D body with the speed of the double-mouse click. (BC:14637)
42944 The Top Paste Mask is not displayed in 2D mode until the layer properties are changed in the Layer Stack Manager.
42974 PCB document was incorrectly covered with the Top Overlay layer color in 2D and 3D view upon reopening PCB.
42980 When a polygon that had an unused pad shape removed was repoured, clearance rules were not obeyed. (BC:14891)
43224 The Region Shape Splitter displayed the wrong number of regions after splitting and the shapes were incorrect.
41471 Software crash as a result of opening certain Draftsman documents.
41841 The solder mask color changes after placing a Board Realistic View. (BC:11962)
42195 The incorrect weight units were displayed in the Layer Stack Legend.
42805 Notes placement and editing in the Draftsman document was fixed (BC:12181)
43147 Crash occurred after updating the Board Assembly View.
40216 Comments usability has been improved to be included in every aspect of the collaboration and review process.
42189 Added support for Single Sign-on.
42419 Software became unusable during the Altium 365 Server outage.
42593 Moving and opening panels resulted in a software crash.
42688 The collaboration notification pop-up dialogs are now blue.
42737 The screenshot quality of the Schematic sheets and PCB design has been improved.
42834 After attempting to share projects in Altium NEXUS, a message displays stating that the user does not belong to the team.
42872 When trying to create or open a project or file that resides in a shared network folder or network-mounted drive, Altium NEXUS closes.
43015 The Document Path location specified on the System – Default Locations page of the Preferences dialog is not followed. (BC:14950)
Data Management
38073 Crash occurred when generating BOM from the output job.
40566 Progress status indicator for file-based libraries search was not displayed in the Components panel. (BC:12731)
40853 The Project Releaser has been improved to better support Parameters.
40952 Multi-board schematic template selection did not use the folder specified on the Data Management – Templates page of the Preferences dialog. (BC:13545)
41114 Altium 365 registration is now recognized if a project was added to the external VCS manually after it was registered with the cloud.
41851 Incorrect error message popped up when using the Project Releaser. (BC:14609)
42270 After a failed library migration, the imported components are visible in the Components panel but cannot be edited.
42301 The ‘Where Used’ logic has been unified for the Explorer panel and the Components panel.
42346 Components used in Templates were not visible in the "Where Used" section.
42474 The deleted Component Template was still displayed on the Data Management – Component Types page of the Preferences dialog.
42533 Added possibility to copy and paste Comment thread as a link.
42686 The Collaboration pop-up dialogs have been restructured to demonstrate when a collaborator appears, when the first editor appears, when the document has been opened for the first time, and when there are changes in the collaborator list.
42694 Renaming a project group does not function properly. (BC:14840)
42795 BOM report had differences depending upon which document was active when the command was run (PCB or schematic).
42812 When using Cross Selection in the Constraints Manager, dark text appeared on a dark background, which made it unreadable.
42928 Nexus Client did not transfer the newly added documents via Version Control to the Project structure.
43050 SIM models are now supported in the Components panel.
43054 Made several improvements to the Project Releaser.
43121 ActiveBOM does not update stock data unless a new BomDoc is added.
43135 The system froze if a footprint had the same name as the component.
43141 Hidden Components prevented non-admin users from adding new components with the same CMP ID.
43146 Files in the Project subfolder lead the Version Control commital to fail.
43200 When the "Register Designator" command was run, an error displayed for the initial configuration of the GOSTBOM directory.
43360 Defined Generic Components will be used for the component search during component replacement.
43605 A crash occurred when a component was acquired from the Manufacturer Part Search panel. (BC:15243)
42460 Object reference was not set to an instance of an object in the Altium BOM report.
43008 An error occurred when opening a BOM configuration that had referenced a BOM template from another workspace.
42048 The fields for the Description number in which the simulation data will be displayed are presented in the Add Output Expression dialog.
42052 Added new feature for renaming Simulation results.
42597 Added independent variable types for DCSweep Analysis in the Simulation Dashboard.
42669 Added F1 capability for the Simulation Dashboard panel.
42740 DDT Function in the Transient Analysis is now supported.
42756 The SDT function is now supported in Transient Analysis.
42903 The delay function for LTspice model is now supported in the Transient Analysis.
Altium NEXUS represents decades of innovation and development focused on creating a truly unified design environment – One that enables users to effortlessly connect with every facet of the PCB design process. With features that have pioneered change and an ever-growing community of users, advocates, educators, and experts, Altium NEXUS is truly transforming the industry and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Experience the world’s finest PCB design product for yourself and see why more Engineers and Designers choose Altium than any other product available.
This latest update to Altium NEXUS continues to deliver new features and enhancements to the software’s core technologies, while also addressing many issues raised by customers through the AltiumLive Community’s BugCrunch system. Along with delivering a range of new features that develop and mature the existing technologies, it also incorporates a large number of fixes and enhancements across the software as a whole, helping designers continue to create cutting-edge electronics technology.
Altium Design 21: A Better Way to Design – What’s New Webinar

Altium Ltd. is a multinational software corporation headquartered in San Diego, California, that focuses on electronics design systems for 3D PCB design and embedded system development. Altium products are found everywhere from world leading electronic design teams to the grassroots electronic design community. Founded in 1985, Altium has offices worldwide, with US locations in San Diego, Boston and New York City, European locations in Karlsruhe, Amersfoort, Kiev, Munich, Markelo and Zug, and Asia Pacific locations in Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney.
Product: Altium Nexus
Version: 4.1.1 (Hot Fix 1) Build 18
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Size: 3.3 Gb

Below are the recommended system requirements to install and run Altium NEXUS.
Recommended System Requirements
– Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit only), Windows 8 (64-bit only), or Windows 10 (64-bit only) Intel Core i7 processor or equivalent
– 16GB RAM
– 10GB hard disk space (Install + User Files)
– High performance graphics card (supporting DirectX 10 or better), such as GeForce GTX 1060/Radeon RX 470
– Dual monitors with 2560×1440 (or better) screen resolution
– 3D mouse for 3D PCB design, such as the Space Navigator
– Adobe Reader (version XI or later for 3D PDF viewing)
– Internet Connection
– Up to date Web browser
– Microsoft Office 32-bit or 64-bit (Microsoft Excel required for BOM, Microsoft Access required for DbLibs). 64-bit Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 (required for DbLibs) – this is included in Microsoft Office 64-bit, but not included in Microsoft Office 32-bit).

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